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Where and Why Are Enidine Miniature Hydraulic Shock Absorbers Useful?

February 3rd, 2020

When it comes to improving consumer and industrial designs for various equipment setups, the addition of miniature hydraulic shock absorbers is often overlooked. Enidine is a leader in the field of manufacturing such shock absorbers that are suitable for all the above situations and more. The lifespan of the equipment can be lengthened and repairs kept to a minimum when the force of impact is lessened through the use of these important elements. Also, these absorbers help increase machine throughput and prevent employee injuries.

What Is Shock With Equipment and Machinery?

It is important to distinguish normal vibrations from strong impacts that are considered shocks. A hard stop or the collision of one part with another is called shock while minor shaking or oscillations are vibrations that are for the most part, harmless to machinery and equipment. Adding shock absorbers at strategic locations in machinery, equipment or various setups decreases the shock and therefore, protects the affected parts from strong impacts that cause wear and tear along with damage.

Why Enidine Miniature Hydraulic Shock Absorbers Are Highly Effective?

Aside from the fact that Enidine is a global leader in products for energy absorption and isolation of vibration, companies need to rely on this brand’s miniature hydraulic shock absorbers because of the following features and benefits of this brand’s miniature hydraulic shock absorbers:

• An extensive product line that is flexible in energy absorption capacity and size options in order to address a wide assortment of application needs.

• Customisation of materials and finishes is available to meet the unique requirements of customers.

• A tamperproof design guarantees reliable performance day after day.

• Threaded cylinders offer increased surface area and mounting flexibility to increase heat dissipation.

• Incorporation of optional seal packages and fluids can increase the operating temperature range from the standard of minus 10-degrees C to 80-degrees C up to minus 30-degrees C to 100-degrees C.

• The various options for surface finishes helps maintain original appearance along with providing superior protection from corrosion.

• ISO quality standards enable the shock absorbers to perform reliably for a long time.

Places That the Enidine Miniature Hydraulic Shock Absorbers Are Useful

Below is a sample of the places that these shock absorbers are highly effective at dissipating the energy of shocks:

• Steel-mill end stops
• Conveyor stops are where items come to an abrupt stop without the dampening of shock absorbers, and this can lead to damage
• Warehouse retrieval and storage equipment works smoothing without strong impacts that disrupt the flow of products
• Bottling or other packaging machinery
• Crane and robotic setups

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