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Customised Aluminium Profile Workstations for Engineering Industries

March 28th, 2018

Tools hang from a vertically mounted aluminium panel. Seated at a workstation, the engineer eyes a Phillips head screwdriver. His feet are resting on a floor-level storage plate while his right-hand reaches for an air hose to clean a piece of equipment that’s laying on the workbench. Customised aluminium profile workstations like this fill workshops all around the globe. Built for engineers, they adapt to suit any conceivable role.

Serving Every Engineering Industry 

The ENKOSI APS (Aluminium Profile System) catalogue includes a selection of parts that are intended to serve industrial applications. There are the standard workstations that offer a conventional desktop, plus several storage drawers. They’re supported by threaded duck feet or castors, by swivel feet or transport plates. If the workstation requires an entirely flat work surface, perhaps to prevent tiny fasteners from rolling away, the feet are levelled and castors locked down by braking pads. However, there are hundreds of different industries at work today, and they all require different workstation configurations.

Customising APS Workstations 

Computers are being repaired at one desk, so a wide work area is mandatory. Many small parts are strewn across that flat desk. Not to worry, the adjustable Transport Plates (TP) are stabilising the aluminium extrusions. Several extra swivel fasteners attach to a workstation down the hall. In here, an architect or circuit board designer is at work. The desk isn’t flat, it’s canted at a readable angle and filled with tacked down drawings. Space is a problem in the next work area, with the engineer moving his chair every few minutes to reach a tool or electronic instrument. A second level enters the workstation design, right above the head of that staff member. It sits on profiled aluminium rods, acting as an overhead storage rack.

Further Workspace Solutions 

The goal here is to minimise the moves taken by any member of the engineering staff. Productivity figures soar when this movement factor is minimised. All of the personnel are engrossed in their activities. Over in the corner, a recently assembled roller rack is loaded with spare parts. New job tickets are attached to equipment parts on an adjacent material handling trolley. Then, in the middle of all this workshop activity, machine frames and enclosures are housing several work-essential equipment stations.

ENKOSI’s finely manufactured Aluminium Profile Systems assemble to form ergonomically designed engineering workstations. They host tools, air hoses, precisely levelled desks, and multiple additional surfaces, all so that the industry staff member can get the work done without constantly being on the move. Everything within reach, a customised workplace solution performs as it should because it’s designed according to the client’s specifications.

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