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Dynatect Way Wipers Uses and Applications

August 31st, 2017

Machine shops use tight engineering tolerances to produce highly refined final products. The parts are dimensionally identical, they’re perfectly finished, and they’re certain to perform as intended. However, as fundamentally impeccable as this processing environment must be, there’s always subtractive detritus left behind. Metal shavings, tool lubricants, hot chips, these are the byproducts of subtractive machining systems. Fortunately, Dynatect Way Wipers are designed to eliminate the messy leavings.

What are Dynatect Way Wipers? 

Fitted as a supplementary mechanism, one that’s custom-profiled, way wipers slide down the guides of cutting and abrading machines. As they move linearly along the machine “way,” they clear metal swarf and dust, plus all other foreign materials, even the hot chips produced by highly aggressive machine stations. Traditionally, the wipers are formed from slender panels of extruded engineering rubber, from polyurethane and nitrile and other abrasion-resistant polymers, but Dynatect products go that little bit further. Uniquely profiled so that they precisely contact irregularly shaped machine guides, our way wiper directory offers some interesting extra features.

Working With Molded Way Wipers 

If hot chips or oil get into the linear guidance assemblies, the entire mechanism could jolt to a nasty halt. The foreign material has sunk down through a polished metal aperture, or maybe it’s adhering to a slotted rail. Either way, the process leavings are compromising the machine. Imagine a fingernail-sized iron chip. It was hot, but now it’s cool and welded to the guide channel. Again, it’s almost small enough to be invisible, but remember, this is a high tolerance machine configuration. A slight skip or hitch along the rail moves the tool head away from its optimally set location. The axis is disturbed, the part receives a bad cut, and the end product is ruined. Dynatect way wipers entirely solve this process-corrupting phenomenon by using abrasion-resistant moulded profiles to efficiently clear the travel area, like the way a cleaning truck scours a runway before an aircraft takes off on its way to a foreign destination.

Dynatect way wipers use top-notch materials, the urethanes and nitriles that endure any and all mechanically stressed conditions. Custom-shaped so that they absolutely contact the most irregularly wrought guiding surfaces and rails, no hot chips can escape the engineering rubber strips as they travel their machine channel, nor can dirt, dust, or oil avoid the implacably roving wipes as they wipe and pick up the detritus until the guides are clean and unobstructed. Ideal for moderate to heavy machine applications, the polyurethane and nitrile product lines cut easily, which means the Dynatect range can reach any corner and any grease-occupied crevice.

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