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Machinery Protection

Australia’s leading range of machinery protection. From bellows, telescopic springs, way wipers and covers that match any application, to precision slip clutches, and cable carriers.


Dynatect, located in Schwaig close to the Munich airport, is one of the market leaders the industrial equipment protection sector.

Dynatect has developed into a full range supplier of dynamic equipment protection through the acquisition of Halltech in 2012. This has led to a line of products that ensures dynamic protection for both man and machine offering a great diversity of protective bellows, roll up covers, cover skirts, Steelfex covers as well as polyclutch slip clutches and pneumatic slip clutches.

With innovative product developments and matching growth strategies Dynatect is well on the way to support the industry in a sustainable man-machine cooperation.

ENKOSI works directly with Dynatect to provide you with the right machine component for your application.


PEI Group is one of the leading manufactures of machine protection in Italy and throughout Europe. Design, development and manufacturing with a technical expertise that has been developed over the 25 years that PEI has been involved in the market. PEI is a company that strives for technical innovation; and the product range is evidence of this.


Catalogue Downloads                                  

Way Wipers (1.36mb)                                Bellows (2.57mb)                                               Protective Roll-Up Covers (1.1mb)

Telescopic Springs (585kb)                        Precision Slip Clutches (2.49mb)                     Telescopic Steel Covers (405kb)

Gortrac Cable Carriers (15.2mb)             Dynatect Product Overview (1.87mb)            Dynatect Main Catalogue (27.7mb)

Apron Way Covers (1mb)

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