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Dynatect: Purposes of Steel Covers

August 17th, 2017

When the cutters on a manufacturing station spit out metal shavings, telescopic steel covers slide in place as a protection system. Built from boxed segments of sheet steel, the alloy-toughened covers act as a shield when a workstation machine head kicks out hot chips and coolant spray. Dynatect, yet another ENKOSI partner, produces this active equipment protection solution, which begs the question: how do steel covers operate?

Dynatect: An Active Equipment Protection Solution 

Unlike their passive product relatives, telescopic steel covers retract and extend according to the positional coordinates of an axial tool head. That manufacturing head is spinning and cutting, drilling and tapping, hot metal slices from a work piece. That’s some dynamic activity that’s taking place in there. Left to its own devices, without any kind of a guarding mechanism, the by-products of this operation can look somewhat forceful, which is why we build armoured screens to slot into place between this dynamic site and the machine guide environment.

Precision-Controlled Guide Mechanisms 

This is where the differences between a lesser competitor and a Dynatect protection system become self-evident. In fundamental terms, the better process-debris isolation solution uses high-grade steel and a gapless seal between the alloy segments. Mounted on load-bearing rollers and fitted with brass or nylon guides, the articulating covers smoothly extend to stop lubricant sprays, coolant streams, and hot chips from interfering with the slideways and drive mechanisms. In this manner, operator safety is assured. Additionally, since we’re talking about a powerful machine bed, the steel covers also prevent loose tools from falling into the moving parts, so process viability is safeguarded. In point of fact, the installation of this telescopic protection mechanism enables two-way danger containment, so hot chips can’t enter the fast-moving machine bed, nor can a mechanism-jamming tool accidentally enter the machinery.

Avoid low-quality versions of this product, for a sub-standard product won’t function reliably. Cutting metal swarf escapes the confines of the machinery when the telescoping action is hampered, then accident reports are filed and the machine is locked down until a better solution is installed. Dynatect steel covers are designed to be reliable, to absolutely stop the hot and sharp metal cuttings. Better yet, this steel-boxed covering system, installed with jam-resistant rails and rollers, is designed to be customised. Profiled as symmetrically configured arch segments, as side-mounted boxes or as a sloped array of linearly extendable steel covers, the dynamic equipment protection system is built to excel as a manufacturing factory guard when the work piece cutting process kicks out dangerously sharp and hot materials.

For more information, download the telescopic steel covers catalogue, visit our Dynatect page or contact us.

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