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Improve Productivity of Your Operations by Installing Gimatic EJ-XPRO

February 25th, 2022

The manufacturing industry must utilise numerous machines and equipment to carry out different processes. One of the processes that the industry typically perform is the assembly line. An assembly line is a manufacturing process wherein various components are added to a product in a specific order before generating the final product.

Productivity is essential to the manufacturing industry and its related processes. Fortunately, many solutions are now available to help the industry achieve its intended purposes.

An Overview of Vacuum Pumps

One modern solution that the industry can maximise is a vacuum pump. A vacuum pump is an equipment that can generate a partial vacuum or a low-pressure space by removing gas molecules from a sealed chamber. It can be utilised in many industrial systems such as vacuum grippers, vacuum climbers, vacuum furnaces, sandblasting, painting, and negative pressure ventilation.

Many companies offer their respective vacuum pumps in the market. Gimatic, however, is a company that stands out when it comes to vacuum pumps. With their newest EJ-XPRO in line, Gimatic can easily cater to businesses that need a smart yet simple vacuum pump.

EJ-XPRO Primary Components

To better understand Gimatic EJ-XPRO, one should know its primary components first. This product is comprised of six primary components.

  1. Monolithic Body: Gimatic EJ-XPRO maximises a monolithic body made from oxidated aluminium material. By maximising this specific material, the body of the Gimatic EJ-XPRO is expected to become lightweight and robust.
  2. Valves Subsystem: The valves of Gimatic EJ-XPRO yield high flow and quick response. The electro-valves can even be reconfigured, accessed, replaced by the user.
  3. Ejector: The ejector of Gimatic EJ-XPRO has a simple and modular design, allowing the user to clean and maintain it without any issues. This specific part can likewise be replaced depending on one’s needs. Some types of ejectors that a user can maximise include high flow, high vacuum, or low supply pressure.
  4. Electrical Interface: This part of Gimatic EJ-XPRO is comprised of an LCD TFT screen and a keyboard for easier access to commands and changes. It then features an embedded circuit board with advanced functions as well as an M12 8 pins male connector for power and I/O connections.
  5. Silenced Exhaust: The silenced exhaust of Gimatic EJ-XPRO allows the system to reduce noise emission during its operations.
  6. Chassis: The chassis of Gimatic EJ-XPRO is made from high-quality Nylon material that is further reinforced with glass fibre.

Main and Embedded Features

Given the description of its components, the Gimatic EJ-XPRO can easily generate features that are helpful to the industry.

For one, the Gimatic EJ-XPRO has fully integrated smart controls that allow users to operate them without any issues. This innovative vacuum pump can also provide accurate values of operations thanks to its intuitive and comprehensive interface. The Gimatic EJ-XPRO can likewise save energy, simplify maintenance and replacement of ejector, and maximise PWM modulation, auto-exclude, automatic blow-off, and enhanced blow-off functionalities. It is even modular.

To gain access to Gimatic EJ-XPRO, you can call us at ENKOSI.

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