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Dynatect Industrial Equipment Protection: Enkosi is The Only Authorised Australian Sales Partner and Distributor

February 24th, 2017

An industrial equipment safeguard system functions as a comprehensive shield mechanism. It’s surely bound to be a robust defence but also a fundamentally dormant one. A dynamic safeguard, on the other hand, provides an active machine barrier. This latter option ranks as a safety-preferable solution, which is why the ENKOSI inventory stands ready as a staunch Dynatect partner and distributor, an authorised Australian sales partner who will always side with a superior machine safety product.

Defining the Heavy Machinery Perimeter 

Down on the production floor, an important operational dynamic governs large moving parts. The equipment is working as designed. Its mechanical parts are processing products. There’s commodities transportation, the pushing of some brand new object towards an end destination, perhaps a packaging machine. The second part of this active operation is the human factor. This is heavy machinery, dangerously heavy machinery, so a reliable boundary needs to be properly established, one that protects the operator.

Establishing Protective Layering 

Newly assembled products take advantage of an already installed impact-foiling system. On the conveyor, rubber bumpers and contoured guides direct the product. They do so without bruising meat, scratching plastic housings, or denting soft material panels. The Dynatect industrial equipment protection catalogue accommodates that same processing ideal. Here, an active mechanical architecture defends the machine, man, and processed product, all with equal industry. At the spearhead of this defensive lineup, protective covers establish a baseline machine buffering perimeter. Let’s see where these robust covers take our exploratory tour.

Employing a Diverse Safeguard Catalogue 

Instead of an impotent parts envelope, the Dynatect design maxim uses an engineered reinforcement methodology to create strengthened barriers. That means tough engineering plastics and sturdy elastomers are part of the answer here, but the second half of the product solution lies in the mechanical profile. Bellows covers represent a formidable segment of this equipment guardianship method, with their extending outlines acting both as a contaminant segregator and an operator shield. Additionally, the toughened material is abrasion-resistant, so it won’t deteriorate and kick coarse particles into the exposed floor environment. Bolstering this inventory, our ENKOSI-endorsed partner also supplies numerous solid steel covers and flexing alloy-reinforced barriers, plus urethane products, parts that add impact absorption to the safeguarding mix.

We’ve barely scratched the Dynatect inventory, while, out on the floor, roll-up covers and their bellows counterparts are protecting life and limb while keeping the air clean and free of processing contaminants.

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