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End of Arm Tooling Products: Shop Online for Grippers and Blades

June 27th, 2018

Down on the factory floor, end of arm tools (EOAT) are working at their mechanical best. They’re being driven by nine or more servo motors and using that dexterity to grip small or delicate objects. Gripper apparatus takes care of the handling work, just like any trained factory employee. Whilst the mechanical fingers move parts into place, cutter tools zip forward. Look closer and closely follow their actions.

Automating Complex Cutting Chores 

On opening the ENKOSI EOAT catalogue, the Gimatic range immediately catches the eye. Loaded with mechatronic tools, the cutters section is capped by the GN series. Engineered to operate as guillotines or scissors, these degating tools trim plastic moulds and remove them from injection moulding machines. Select different blade holders and interchangeable blades with this product and know it will cut products free, even as they’re automatically manoeuvred into place by a nearby gripper. Thrust cut nippers, which are available as GN-240 or GN-263, carry out similar duties. Look for these automated cutting tools in different configurations. Right at the top of this highly customisable cutting series, there are blade heaters, double-acting pneumatic cylinders, and precision-tuned magnetic sensors.

Accurate Air-Powered Trimming 

A hop and a skip away from the Gimatic catalogue, we reach the FIPA range, another key member of the ENKOSI family. In here, series SF-05 air nippers form the core of a comprehensively outfitted tool directory. To get the best out of these automated cutters, read through the listed tool parameters. Relevant specs include maximum blade opening width, plug design, and sprue diameter. If the base series doesn’t work for a chosen process, upgrade to the larger SF-10 or SF-20 series. Note, all the blades used in these cutters are forged from durable steel alloys. Last of all, automated nipping and cutting blades are available in different shapes and sizes. They cut straight or at an angle, offer alloy-reinforced strength so that different material widths can be cut, and they can be oriented to slice from the left or right.

Accompanied by complex gripper families, ENKOSI’s virtual pages carry countless EOAT cutters and grippers. Holding the partially processed products as they’re trimmed, there’s the MG and GM series, a flagship product filled by dual-jaw parallel grippers. Expect to see these and other lightweight grippers in the Gimatic retail space. Likewise, sprue grippers (Series 80 onwards) and stroke-actuated power grippers headline the FIPA directory. Of course, if these designs don’t exactly match a required processing line, there are always custom-designed tools, parts that precisely pick-and-place fiddly products and trim them to size.

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