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Gimatic & Morali End of Arm Tooling Available Online at Enkosi

June 30th, 2017

The end of arm tooling industry continues to arm automated assembly lines with parts-manipulating mechanical grippers and suckers. Capable of handling complex and fragile work pieces, high-performance EOAT solutions guarantee dexterity and productivity. That efficiently maintained workflow reliably conveys thousands of items per hour, so the applied robotic grasp must possess a deft touch. That degree of dexterity, according to our ENKOSI-gauged evaluations, comes courtesy of Gimatic & Morali End of Arm Tooling.

An End of Arm Tooling Refresher 

Classed as pneumatically actuated end-arm effectors, the tools described here are designed to employ compressive or vacuum force. They use those forces to grip items, to hold them so that they can be manipulated and processed. A simple suction cup, one that’s hooked to vacuum generator and an adjustable steel arm, sits at the bottom of this automated work piece handling group. Meanwhile, at the very top of the EOAT hierarchy, pressure-sensing grippers move on gimballing arms while repeatedly conveying unwieldy parts.

In Appreciation of Refined Gimatic EOAT Solutions 

Designed to deftly manipulate small electronic parts and pliable plastic items, Gimatic products interact delicately with their processing environment. Like a skilled technician, they crimp, clamp, and otherwise work the parts. In a product catalogue that’s full of grippers, linear guides and rotary actuators, these tools are built to handle items that are intended for the electronics and electrical industry, and they do so with a zeal that would do any master electrician proud. And, considering the sheer size of the integrated circuit fabrication sector, the tools used in this line are always developing, always rising to meet the next tooling challenge.

Exploring Morali Parts-Handling Solutions 

Not to be outdone in any way, Morali branded end of arm tools also have a comprehensive range of vacuum cups at their beck and call. The compressive grips use nitrile to gently hold fragile parts and prevent soft-surface scratching. That same engineering acumen accounts for larger part break-ability issues by recruiting the services of large-scale suction cup technology. The vacuum-powered suction cups are fitted with soft fringes and silicone barriers, which makes these tooling solutions ideal for the glass-handling sector. Vehicle windscreens or skyscraper window panes, this latter application area demands absolute reliability.

Essentially, the Gimatic and FIPA End of Arm Tooling catalogues are available from ENKOSI because we deal exclusively with reliable products. We believe our clients deserve that expanded reliability factor when they’re equipping their processing facilities with robotic end-arm parts gripping technology, for the commodities being transported by these tools have an important duty. They’re the direct contact surfaces, the tools that handle the items or package them, so they must do so efficiently, correctly, and without leaving so much as a rubbery grip print on the work pieces.

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