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STEELFLEX Walk-on Pit Covers: Purposes and Applications in Chemical Factories

March 11th, 2019

Let’s jump straight into the heart of the matter, without any time-wasting. Dynatect STEELFLEX Walk-on Pit Covers, those that are used in chemical factories, are built to protect site personnel and nearby equipment assemblies from aggressive fluids. More than that, however, the covers have load-bearing properties; they can support the weight of a full-grown man. Indeed, they’re a factory-essential support system.

A Site-Adaptable Product Range

Chemical factories are intimidating places, to say the least. Reagents stream through massive pressure vessels. They catalyse and change state, so dangerous fluid streams are zipping up and down, before they change direction at a 90-degree angle. There are containers and pools loaded with poisonous acids and alkalis, plus flanged pipes channelling compounds. Of some concern, just like any other factory setting, these towering frameworks need the services of a maintenance crew. That’s when STEELFLEX Walk-on Pit Covers enter the scene, for these retractable-roll-up assemblies eliminate fall hazards. They also deal with the unique challenges found exclusively in chemical factories.

Featuring Air-Operated Motors

That design feature showcases a major challenge, one that’s unique to this environment. Keeping the explanation brief, aggressive chemicals can be explosive chemicals. Therefore, the motorised equipment in this hazardous setting cannot emit a spark, which is why STEELFLEX gear employs air-operated motors. Also, just to bring an added measure of safety to the drives, the heavy-duty retractable pit covers also feature a safety-oriented braking mechanism. If the air powered tubes should fail, the brakes default to their active state, so the panels come to an immediate and full stop.

Custom-Provisioned Site Aids

Originally, back in the day, cumbersome plates sat on tanks full of caustic chemicals. The ill-fitting metal panels corroded and allowed dangerous fumes passage. Well, there’s no room for that kind of slipshod operate-ability anymore. Today, custom-fit pit covers, as provided by STEELFLEX, permit the fast retraction of lengthy sections of articulating steel panels. Those heavy-duty panels, just as a by-the-way, incorporate a non-slip, corrosion-resistant coating, which is built to allow the safe passage of system operators, maintenance workers, and all manner of site functionaries, even those that have a portly frame.

Perhaps best of all, although the articulating stainless steel panels are load-capable, they’re also designed to provide edge-to-edge coverage, so noxious chemical fumes are held at bay. Which brings up another matter. Considering the nature of this work, panel damage is not an option, which is just fine, as each independent section does swap out quickly for a new and undamaged section. Safe, strong and motor-retractable, these stainless steel pit covers are walk-on reinforced and chemically tenacious. They’re a maintenance and service-facilitating solution that protects people from degreasing agents, solvents, acids/alkalis, and chemical fumes.

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