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Uses and Applications of Protective Roll Covers: Featuring the Dynatect Range

February 28th, 2018

A cloud of machine-head waste is being ejected from a large factory tool station. Not to worry, newly mounted protective roll covers are enduring the abuse. It’s an Aluguard Apron Cover that’s stopping the hot chips and oil. This is a machine shop, a harsh environment that expels dangerous debris. Armed with an IP54 ingress protection rating, the slotted aluminium extrusions are protecting shop personnel from a fast-moving tool head.

Active Machine Shop Shields 

The machine spits oil and hot chips, but the easily installed Aluguard system blocks the waste byproducts before they hit the exterior environment. Enveloping the machine guideways, the protective roll covers have rattled smoothly into place. That lubricant spray isn’t going anywhere, nor is the shower of hot chips. By the way, transparent panels can be provided as part of the interlocking steel or aluminium covering.

Equipment Protecting Panels 

Electrical contractors are pulling their utility truck onto the highway. The skilled workers stop when they reach their destination, walk around the vehicle, and pull up a Gortite Roll-up Door. The metal slats have sealed the vehicle compartments, and they’re protecting the tools. Tug the rigid steel lift bar to gain access to the tools. Fire engines, another type of vehicle that transports specialised equipment, also use Gortite Roll-up Doors to secure their fire-fighting gear.

Heavy-Duty Pit Covers 

Sometimes, floor openings are unavoidable. Garages fit that description. The pits are covered during the garage’s off-hours. Then, as soon as the shop opens for business, spring-loaded Aluguard Apron Covers slide back. Not limited to garages, Aluguard Covers are also found in oil processing facilities and other difficult to navigate sites as a fall hazard defence mechanism.

Reversing The Principle 

Imagine a textile factory, a pollution-sensitive usage zone that cannot tolerate an industrial atmosphere. Imagine textile machines employing Rollguard Roll-up Covers as dust and dirt barriers. Quickly integrated into an existing machine setup, the retrofitted screens use a fabric-based design to ward off industrial contaminants and guard against impulsive hand contact.

Machine-tools line the floor of a fabrication shop. Rollguard roll-up covers and Aluguard barriers are stopping the ejected hot chips and oily sprays from exiting their machine housings. In this case, the machine guards are protecting floor workers and minimising a possible fire risk. Next, protective Rollguard roll-up covers shield the heart of a textile machine. In the end, it doesn’t matter which machine type or harsh environment is causing trouble, not when the Dynatect range has ready-made roller covering solution. Manually operated or motor-drive, the protective roller covers offer many mounting options.

For more information about Dynatect Protective Roll Covers, you may view and download this link: https://enkosi.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/Protective-Roll-Up-Covers.pdf

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