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What is End of Arm Tooling and Automation Technology and How Enkosi Can Help You?

February 15th, 2017

Manufacturing environments and packaging facilities use end of arm tooling solutions to manipulate complex objects. Down on the line, workstations are using industrial robots to support work pieces with claw gripper systems. Nearby, a second robot is using suction cups and actuators to rotate a component or package. Undoubtedly, this is a specialised discipline. Fortunately, the ENKOSI catalogue includes a comprehensive end of arm products solution, a service that equips the industrial automation sector with the finest handling tools.

Industrial Manufacturing Technology

Automation technology employs a vast range of uniquely profiled end of arm tools. They grip and manipulate, rotate and position, then convey the mechanically handled materials to the next station on a long production line. A few of these industrial robots are even equipped with spot welding rigs. These stations use their articulating arms to fasten car parts and other mass-produced components together. The end result is a complex end-of-line product, one that’s been assembled from many standardised metal and plastic sections.

Employing the ENKOSI Edge

Australia’s premier EOAT supplier adopts a forward-thinking methodology when a business client references an industrial robotics venture. Certainly, automation technology is a well-established processing solution, but it’s still considered a specialist discipline, with pneumatic and hydraulic power acting as the motive force behind the suction cups and grippers. Arguably, a conventional supply and distribution agent can get hold of the necessary tools, but what if that tool doesn’t fit the application? It’s not like the automated stations can complain, after all, at least not yet. ENKOSI makes the difference here by always fitting the right manufacturing tool to the right automated wrist.

Custom-Designed Production Tooling

An optimised material handling environment doesn’t necessarily subscribe to a standardised tooling strategy. Yes, the roving arms and rotating joints of the machinery can be programmed to manipulate a part in any imaginable manner, but an end arm part can’t simply be programmed. No, it needs to be precisely designed to handle the processing parts in the new manufacturing setting. In short, the gripping system has to be designed to hold and process all kinds of geometrical profiles, parts that assume many dimensional outlines

ENKOSI engineers custom design the grippers and nippers so that they accommodate this client-mandated methodology. The tools are supplied as standardised fingers and conventional fingers. Alternatively, Australia’s leading end of arm tooling service will adapt or tailor-build the suction cups, magnetic actuators, and gripping systems so that they precisely conform to the customer’s automation technology needs.

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