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Regulated Motion Made Easy with Enidine Rate Controls

September 22nd, 2017

ITT Enidine Inc. Rate Controls are used to regulate the speed or time required for a mechanism to move from one position to another. They use proven technology to enhance performance in a variety of product applications. Rate controls are typically used to control pneumatic cylinders, linear slides, lids, and other moving mechanisms. The advantages […]

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Dynatect Way Wipers Uses and Applications

August 31st, 2017

Machine shops use tight engineering tolerances to produce highly refined final products. The parts are dimensionally identical, they’re perfectly finished, and they’re certain to perform as intended. However, as fundamentally impeccable as this processing environment must be, there’s always subtractive detritus left behind. Metal shavings, tool lubricants, hot chips, these are the byproducts of subtractive […]

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Dynatect: Purposes of Steel Covers

August 17th, 2017

When the cutters on a manufacturing station spit out metal shavings, telescopic steel covers slide in place as a protection system. Built from boxed segments of sheet steel, the alloy-toughened covers act as a shield when a workstation machine head kicks out hot chips and coolant spray. Dynatech, yet another Enkosi partner, produces this active […]

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Gortrac® and Gortube Metal Cable and Hose Carriers: Qualities and Applications

July 24th, 2017

Previous articles talk about automated tools, about mechanical assemblies that propel multi-directional tooling armatures. But what about the relatively inelastic cables that supply these automated parts with drive energy? After all, power lines need to be supported while they carry drive energy. As engineering experts in this area, Gortrac® and Gortube Metal Cable and Hose […]

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Morali Brand: Vacuum Cups that You Can Buy Online from Enkosi

July 20th, 2017

A comprehensive vacuum cups directory, a catalogue that’s practically bursting at its seams, wouldn’t be complete if the Morali Brand wasn’t prominently featured. As that vendor, Enkosi Pty Ltd provides a diverse selection of wares from the Morali Vactec EoAT (End of Arm Tooling) line. The vacuum cups equip automated machines with the ability to […]

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Gimatic & Morali End of Arm Tooling Available Online at Enkosi Pty. Ltd.

June 30th, 2017

The end of arm tooling industry continues to arm automated assembly lines with parts-manipulating mechanical grippers and suckers. Capable of handling complex and fragile workpieces, high-performance EoAT solutions guarantee dexterity and productivity. That efficiently maintained workflow reliably conveys thousands of items per hour, so the applied robotic grasp must possess a deft touch. That degree […]

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Shop Online for Enidine Brand Shock Absorbers

June 15th, 2017

Enidine Brand Shock Absorbers are premier kinetic dampeners. Inside each vibration isolating mechanisms, there’s an assemblage of spring and hydraulically balanced stages, parts that deliver industrially graded shock attenuation. Of course, we could spend hours throwing out rhetoric like this, well-deserved as it is, but the real purpose of this article is to support the […]

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Fath Components: Different Aluminium Accessories Supply from Enkosi

May 30th, 2017

Aluminium is the new material cornerstone for the twenty-first-century engineer. Sure, stainless steel and plastic have their role here, but it is aluminium accessories that are eclipsing the rest. Fath Components endorses this lightweight material solution, so Enkosi has an on-tap inventory of curated, Fath-supplied aluminium accessories conveniently available for your perusal. The secret of […]

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Uses and Applications of Desoutter Battery Assembly Tools

May 16th, 2017

Assembly lines move at a blistering speed. The chassis of a car receives a fastener here, a body panel there, and the process moves on to the next station. In order to accommodate the accelerated workflow, the workers along the conveyors and travelling hooks need high-performing assembly tools. We’re talking about Desoutter battery assembly tools, […]

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Enidine Shock Absorbers and Vibration Isolation Products: High Quality and Performance Guaranteed

April 28th, 2017

If you can picture a dynamic production line, you’re probably seeing lots of machine parts in motion. They use servo motors and positional aids to repeatably place the assembly line equipment in just the right spot each time a process asset requires work done. The metal and rigid plastic parts endure, but a substandard shock […]

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