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Vi-Cas Vacuum Cup Products Available at Enkosi

December 14th, 2017

ENKOSI has been in business ever since 1992 when it first opened its doors under the name of CAPS Consolidated. We are a leader in the field of manufacturing and supplying high-quality, affordable specialised tooling and production equipment to the aviation, automation and manufacturing industries. One of the quality products that we offer to our clients is the Vi-Cas line of vacuum cup products. If you are unfamiliar with the uses for these cups or just need further details before ordering them, refer to the following information.

Possible Uses for Vi-Cas Vacuum Cup Products

Vacuum cups from Vi-Cas are made for a variety applications such as feeding, pick-and-place, label placement, small-part placement, heavy-load placement, soap handling and other types of applications along with holding glass and hanging objects. The model number that you require will depend on the specific application that you are using it for at your place of business.

Examples of the Vi-Cas Vacuum Cup Products and Related Items That We Offer

Vi-Cas manufactures more than 1,000 styles of vacuum cups. The materials in them include urethane, vinyl, rubber and silicone. Also, this company makes related products that help the vacuum cups perform their function. Check out the list below to learn the various products of which we speak, and that you can purchase from ENKOSI:

• Round vacuum cups
• Oval vacuum cups
• Soap cups
• Plastic suction cups
• Grabbers
• Cup adapters
• Tightening discs
• Grippe rubbers
• Rubber cups
• Rollers

Reasons to Purchase These Products From ENKOSI

We provide Vi-Cas products locally as well as overseas. We have agents throughout Australia to help serve our clients as quickly as possible or the clients can drop by our offices here in Victoria. Vacuum caps are not the only products that we sell, since we also offer a wide assortment of gripper mechanisms, bellows, vibration isolation products, industrial shock absorbers, products for machinery protection, Desoutter power tools, Eckold AG products and more. Our products are durable and effective elements for the aviation, automation and manufacturing industries in various locations in Australia and other countries.

Browse through our website to learn additional facts about Vi-Cas vacuum cups and our other products that we carry. Contact us with any questions you may need answers to prior to ordering. We fulfil orders in as timely a manner as possible for your convenience. Our company looks forward to being your source for our wide assortment of products.

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