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Hand Tools and High Quality Brands Available at Enkosi

October 27th, 2020

At Enkosi, we take pride in manufacturing and supplying cost-effective, high-quality production equipment and specialised tooling that can benefit automation, aviation, and manufacturing industries. The products that we offer to the consumers include aluminium profiles, assembly stations, workstations, safety enclosures, and end of arm tooling systems. Aside from manufacturing and supplying these mentioned products, we […]

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Everything You Need to Know about Redashe Anti-Static Spot Blaster

October 12th, 2020

Many equipment, pieces of machinery, and components that are made from metal parts typically face the problem of corrosion. Corrosion is a process wherein refined metal materials are gradually destroyed by chemical or electrochemical reaction. This process is usually caused by a wide variety of elements that are present in the surroundings of these materials. […]

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Gimatic End of Arm Tooling Parts: Available at Enkosi Online Shop

September 29th, 2020

End of arm tooling (EOAT), otherwise known as an end effector, pertains to all possible equipment that can be installed and interacts with different parts and components. These pieces of equipment are usually attached to the end of a robotic arm or wrist, which can perform numerous functions depending on the needed processes. The presence […]

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A Brief Summary about Dynatect Custom Engineered Bellows for Machinery Protection

September 14th, 2020

Bellows play a huge role in machinery protection. When pressure is applied to the outside of a vessel or a machine, these bellows will compress. Alternatively, once the pressure or vacuum is released, then these bellows can revert to their original shape. The ability of these bellows to deform allows them to provide a hermetic […]

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Advantages of Desoutter Industrial Tools for the Automotive Industry

August 31st, 2020

The automotive industry is relying heavily on tools to easily manufacture, assemble, repair, and maintain automotive parts and components. From the external chassis down to the engine parts, businesses in this industry must make sure that they have complete industrial tools for their intended activities. To date, there are a lot of companies that offer […]

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