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December 19th, 2016

To be an expert in the aviation industry for tools and equipment a company needs to have high standards and state-of-the-art supplies. You also want a company to have a variety of products to fit your needs.

ENKOSI is a national name that carries popular brands for both tools and equipment, and provides cost effective solutions so that you can stay within your budget.

A Company You Can Trust

ENKOSI is an Australian company established in 1992 as CAPS-IDP. Our main focus is on manufacturing and supplying reasonably priced specialised tooling and production equipment. The high quality products are manufactured and supplied for the automation, manufacturing and aviation industries. We are a prominent manufacturer, supplier and importer of both local and foreign products.

Leading Brands

Some of the brands that ENKOSI includes are:

ITT Endine
Chicago Pneumatic
PB Swiss Tools

These leading brands are top of the line in quality and design. And with each brand there is a wide range of products to suit your needs. Moreover, ENKOSI is happy to help you with any enquiries regarding the products.

Outstanding Products

ENKOSI carries an enormous amount of quality products and services from Kit aircraft assembly and skin repairs to hand tools for unsurpassed precision. In addition, prices are often reduced because of the supply and demand. For instance, ENKOSI is Australia’s leading supplier of vacuum cups. And when you can carry a lot of supplies of one brand, the price is reduced which trickles down to the customer.

As well, you can find numerous products that meet the industry’s requirements. And in knowing that your products are top-of-the-line, much of the stress for industry standards is reduced.

It’s all About Location and Availability

ENKOSI has offices in Victoria, plus numerous agents all over Australia. And not only are we a major supplier for production tools and equipment but we manufacture a variety of products such as:

Assembly stations
Aluminium profiles
• Conveying systems
• Production lines

As well, ENKOSI is authorised to import gripper devices, industrial shock absorbers, vibration isolation products, bellows, machine protection equipment and profile accessories. Furthermore, the company is authorised agent for automation equipment and tooling such as industrial power and hand tools and end of arm tooling.


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