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Australian Aluminium Profile Systems and Accessories: Manufactured and Designed by Enkosi

May 31st, 2018

Each mechanical element joins readily to its neighbour. The modular frame takes its shape from the many Aluminium Profile System (APS) components, almost as if the aluminium segments are building blocks. Unlike a child’s constructor set, though, these aren’t toys. For one thing, Australian aluminium profile systems expedite the erection of industry-standard frames, the equipment forms that are currently taking up residence in modern industrial settings.

Conducting an APS Review 

Whether a client refers to the standardised parts as Aluminium Profile System components or Automated Profile System parts, the abbreviation isn’t what matters. What matters is the advantages a processing operation gains when it employs this modular approach to equipment assembly. For starters, there’s no welding, no special tools, and no parts compatibility issues to worry about. The kit, the profiled aluminium elements, are simply designed to join with minimal effort. A drill, tap and a saw, these are the tools required to size and mount the system building blocks on their matching T-slot supports.

Selecting Extruded Elements 

Already a tried-and-trusted time saving solution inside many European industrial complexes, Australian APS kits are rapidly taking over as the de facto plant construction system in our ever-advancing nation. There are tubular rods and extruded four-sided rods of this lightweight metal. From here, the product line really takes flight. The intricate extrusions in this lineup include X-shaped P20x20 profiled aluminium bars, doubled-up P20x40 variants, and P45x60 elements. That latter group sports a more intricate geometrical outline than the others, but it’s still designed to fit a standard T-slotted support.

Accessories Supplement Extruded Segments 

Designed by ENKOSI, by advanced CAD tools, the extruded aluminium elements stretch across a factory floor. It’s the software that decides the shape and purpose of the frame, which means the engineer gets to fashion the kit pieces into conveyor systems, assembly lines, workbenches, and much more. Binding those parts together, accessory fasteners anchor everything. These are the joining elements. Corner brackets and joining plates, T-head bolts and roll-in nuts, plus many, many more, the joining options are limitless.

Hopefully, this post illustrates the sheer size of an APS catalogue. There are the extruded aluminium rods, all profiled so that they attach to their accompanying T-slot. Then there’s the kit that refines the shape. Joining elements top that accessory group, but we don’t stop at fasteners. No, there are hinges and handles, mounting brackets and floor pads/castors in there, too. Built as a parts-standardising time saver, modern factories gain incredibly robust products when this modular kit is employed as an industrial-grade constructor set.

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