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Enidine Shock Absorbers and Vibration Isolation Products: High Quality and Performance Guaranteed

April 28th, 2017

If you can picture a dynamic production line, you’re probably seeing lots of machine parts in motion. They use servo motors and positional aids to repeatably place the assembly line equipment in just the right spot each time a process asset requires work done. The metal and rigid plastic parts endure, but a substandard shock absorber can really foul the sequential equilibrium on display here. Enidine shock absorbers are the answer to this process unevenness issue.

Solving Processing Imbalance 

The hydraulic factor built into a top-tier shock absorber marries metalworking virtuosity to the premium properties of a superior engineering family. In the case of the aforementioned assembly line, the impact dampening aids won’t deteriorate dimensionally, so a sequential processing mechanism will always repeatably produce identical end-line parts. As a result of this vibration-less operability factor, the dampened gear satisfies all quality assurance requirements. In brief, no misalignment errors propagate, so process continuity is guaranteed.

Enidine-Imbued Vibration Attenuation 

The last passage of text dealt a deathblow to mechanical errors. The Enidine shock absorbers were seen to stop noise propagation, end process instabilities, and maximise sequential operations. The results were a quiet and smooth machine setup, a place that still uses masses of moving parts but no accompanying impact events. Consequently, downtime was reduced and product quality was maintained. But vibrations do propagate. They shake control panels and vibrate sensitive electronic components. There are flexible conduits and rubber hoses that isolate the effect, but even then the discordant noise flows along the softer materials. A high quality and performance guaranteed mechanical noise dampener is mandated.

Finitely Tuned Noise Dampening 

Take a look at the hierarchy in the Enidine shock absorber family. There are small-bore solutions, medium bore examples, and also a large-bore group. They start as simple non-adjustable, then there’s the adjustable range, a group that uses easily set cams to perfect the arrest of the impact. They’re adaptable, adjustable, and entirely capable of accommodating a broad range of production-centric applications. After all, loading factors vary dynamically throughout that assembly line example we’ve adopted, so the shock absorbers absolutely need this adjustment or tuning feature.

Of all the work-frazzled components on a moving machine, no other component takes more punishment than an impact dampening device. Fortunately, the ENKOSI team is well aware of these kinetically extreme conditions, which is why we’ve hitched our wagon to the Enidine shock absorber product range.

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