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Everything You Need to Know about Redashe Anti-Static Spot Blaster

October 12th, 2020

Many equipment, pieces of machinery, and components that are made from metal parts typically face the problem of corrosion. Corrosion is a process wherein refined metal materials are gradually destroyed by chemical or electrochemical reaction. This process is usually caused by a wide variety of elements that are present in the surroundings of these materials. And while corrosion happens slowly, it can be extremely dangerous and cause a lot of problems to infrastructures, equipment, and devices.

Fortunately, a solution has been made to combat the dangers of corrosion. Redashe Limited, a company that is headquartered in the United Kingdom, has come up with a special product that can be useful against the process of corrosion. Thanks to its experience in the automotive field, the company has designed and developed its very own Anti-Static Spot Blaster that can effectively cope with corrosion.

Essential Information about Redashe Limited

Redashe Limited has been known for its products that mostly cater to automotive and industrial applications. With around 40 years of experience and knowledge about the mentioned fields, the company has successfully designed, developed, and imported a wide range of automotive and industrial equipment around the world. All its products and services are distributed through their four sales divisions, namely automotive, hose reel, aerospace, and lubrication divisions.

Overview of Redashe Anti-Static Spot Blaster

The Anti-Static Spot Blaster, which is an air-powered closed system device, brings pride to Redashe as it can effectively and optimally perform its intended functions. This special product can remove and clean every trace of corrosion on the surface of a material. It can even strip paint from small areas on metal and composite materials, making their surface clean and optimal for excellent adhesion.

All functions of this product are possible because of the way it performs. The spot blasting process of this product, which is done through a mixture of compressed air and a blasting media, can easily expose weaknesses in metal surfaces that may have been already infiltrated by corrosion. This process is done by a long-lasting tungsten carbide blasting nozzle that is placed onto the corroded part of a product.

The inclusion of a precise blasting pressure control on this product ensures that it will not damage any type of materials while performing said functions. Reducing the amount of dangerous static electricity is then done through special hoses and earth cables. Additionally, this spot blaster has a wide variety of flexible rubber nozzle options to prevent dust leakage. The used media is then pulled back and recycled by an inbuilt air mover. Waste materials, alternatively, are typically taken out to a dust bag.

Redashe Anti-Static Spot Blaster Applications

Anti-Static Spot Blasters are normally used almost anywhere on an aircraft. They can even access areas that are difficult to reach such as inside wings. And given their effectiveness, airline service operators such as British Airways, Qantas, and Thai Airways have already invested in and used these products. They have likewise been used by the Royal Air Force, Royal Naval Air Service, and many more. Several leading vintage aircraft restoration and offshore oil rig companies, as well as formula one racing teams and marine builders training trust, have also maximised the functions of these spot blasters.

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