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ITT EnidineUltraLOC™ Seat Locks: A New Standard in Airline Technology

February 21st, 2020

All airline travellers deserve the best comfort possible on their journeys. Since there are more people than ever using the airlines to traverse from place to place, companies are coming up with new reclining seat products to provide the ultimate comfort to these passengers. ITT Enidine is one such company, and it has introduced its UltraLOC™ seat recline system to the market. It sets a new standard for the seat recline technology for the airline industry with this system. This company’s seat locks come in fixed or variable positions to address all the specifications for the airline seat locks. Some of their attributes are compressive power to increase the seat’s reliability and improved tensile load capacity. As a result, seat designs that incorporate the UltraLOC™ system into them are versatile and reliable performers. We will discuss more features and specifications of this system in the following.

Types of UltraLOC™ Seat Locks and Their Specifications

ITT Enidine offers the following categories of UltraLOC™ seat locks to ensure that they include all types of airline reclining seats:

• Economy Class UltraLOC™ seat locks come with a spring clip to make installation easy and a kink-resistant cable conduit to prevent issues. In addition, they come with a positive locking plastic end attachment plus other features.

• Premium Class UltraLOC™ seat locks can contain custom clevis ends upon request. Also, they include springs plated with zinc phosphate, an internal override feature along with other attributes.

• Executive Class UltraLOC™ seat locks have such features as an anodised aluminium body and a state-of-the-art internal seal design.

Aftermarket Features

• Ideal drop-in replacements for competitor’s products

• Lightweight but provides efficient payload capacity

• Readily available off the shelf

• Zero maintenance

• Backed by the longest warranty in the industry

• AOG support program

• Sales and service locations are worldwide

• More features

The Best Choice for the OEM Market

Read below to learn why we state that the UltraLOC™ seat recline system is the ideal choice for the OEM market:

• Provides value in the way of competitive pricing, engineering support and lowest cost of all similar products.

• Safety is another reason for these locks being the best choice in the OEM market since the are 16-g approved, offers high-load units for those seats that face to the aft of the plane and contain the egress override feature.

• This lock system also is highly reliable with the longest service life available, superior maximum load design and an extended warranty period.

• Installers also will enjoy the fact that this seat lock system is easy to install, the stroke adjustment can be performed without tools and it has a tamperproof lockout feature.

It is easy to see from the information above why ITT EnidineUltraLOC™ seat locks are a new standard in airline technology. Do not settle for less than the best.

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