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Purposes and Functions of Aluminium Extrusion Profile Accessories

June 30th, 2020

Extruded aluminium has made the straightforwardness in our lives today. Significant parts of everything around us are made utilizing aluminium extrusions. Yet without accessories that clasp and hold everything together, they would not be so useful.

More than you realise is made with aluminium extrusions. From the complicatedly furrowed seats in arenas and sports fields to the presentation units utilized in stores, all made with extruded aluminium.

Aluminium Extrusion Profile Accessories are essential for assembling aluminium profile to one another. Standard T-slot aluminium profiles are available in many sizes, 20 arrangement, 30 arrangement and so forth. Each section has its own array of accessories, which are additionally separated into sections. As a rule, aluminium extrusion profile accessories spread fastener, nut, connector, pivot and caster, and so forth. When wanting to buy, you should consider the exact profile and then identify the correct accessories.

Aluminium Extrusion Process

But before anything else, you should first be familiar with the extrusion process. Extrusion is a procedure of moulding distinctive liquid metals and plastics by constraining them through formed plans at high pressures. Due to how adaptable the procedure is, there are various approaches to play out the extrusion, including either hot or cold, and ceaseless or semi-persistent.

At Enkosi, we supply our own series aluminium profile and accessories, with a complete range of joining components and fasteners that are designed and compatible with standard “T” slot profile. Below are examples of such.

FATH Components

Fath is a leading manufacturer of hinges and fittings, levelling feet, T-slot nuts and accessories for aluminium profile systems. ENKOSI are the Australian I porter of Fath’s complete range of products.

Levelling feet

FATH levelling feet can be found on many machines and equipment all over the world. First choice for quality and flexibility.

Hinges & Fittings

In the section “Hinges and Fittings” you will find hinges, fasteners, handles and construction elements.

T-slot Nuts and Bolts

Besides T-slot nuts with and without fixing, we also offer hammer and rhombus nuts, as well as threaded plates.

Connecting Systems

Flexible and stable connections for all aluminium system profiles including angles, joints that are optimal for your application

Components for Work Stations

Everything you need to build workplaces and assembly stations, monitor holders, swivel arms and many other useful components for cable management, panel fastenings, sliders and rollers.

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