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June 15th, 2017

Enidine Industrial Shock Absorbers are premier kinetic dampeners. Inside each vibration isolating mechanism, there’s an assemblage of spring and hydraulically balanced stages, parts that deliver industrially graded shock attenuation. Of course, we could spend hours throwing out rhetoric like this, well-deserved as it is, but the real purpose of this article is to support the promotional literature with product features, not advertising slang. Let’s begin with adjustable shock absorbers.

Online Shopping: Adjustable Dampening Products 

Factory floors work like a finely tuned instrument, with each section of the assembled machinery orchestrating its own segment of a larger sequence. If a discordant note enters that smoothly operating powertrain, the composed motion becomes irregular. That’s why the Enidine OEMXT series and the ECO-OEM series have a low-profile adjustment knob fitted. Basically, this fine-tuning controller allows the system engineer to regulate dampening force so that system stability is maintained. Enidine’s baseline OEM 0.1 MB shock absorber incorporates that adjustable feature, one that’s built into every other member of this range, all the way up to the larger OEM 1.0 MB variant.

ECO and OEM Versatility 

The threaded form factor of these two adjustable shock absorber classes makes frame mounting a hassle-free experience, so new vibration dampeners assume drop-in functionality. Beyond the threaded housing, the two Enidine ranges are built to be environmentally friendly devices. The oil inside each product is bio-degradable, materials are recyclable, and there’s no copper within the design. In short, a Green feature is ingrained inside each Enidine mechanism, so the online shopping experience here never adds to our planet’s eco problems. Foam and coiled springs, oil and sized orifices, the OEM and ECO-OEM range are obviously built to conform to stringent engineering requirements.

Selecting Mid-Bore Shock Absorbers 

When shock incidents escalate, frame-rattling impacts are likely. Enidine’s Mid-bore branded shock absorber family dampens these excessive forces. Check out the OEM 3.0×3.5 if such dynamically heavy forces are part of a hard-working process line. Reliable by design, this vibration mitigator attenuates such impacts, thus stabilising what would otherwise be a machine that was well on its way to shaking itself apart. Once fitted, this medium-bore solution cancels vibration. It absorbs dynamic shock forces by intelligently decelerating every impact and every propagating vibration.

Adjustable Enidine shock absorbers are an important part of the ENKOSI inventory. They’re built to be fine-tuned, to transform unstable industrial sequences into stable industrial processes. Attenuated by oil and springs, by single and multi-orifice mechanical profiles, these kinetic dampeners are easy to select. In fact, online shoppers quickly find their ideal system matches here, especially when they pair ISO standardised reliability with prolific force attenuating specs.

If you would like to purchase or enquire about our range of Enidine industrial shock absorbers, please visit our Enidine page or contact us for a quote.

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