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TelaGuard Steel Covers: Significant Protection for Guideways

March 13th, 2020

Since manufacturing equipment needs to run fast and smoothly to keep production at the right level, guideways are used in it to deliver the materials to the necessary locations to transform them into finished products. Along their path, though, these materials go through processes that may fling debris out in a hazardous fashion without the right precaution put in place. This is where TelaGuard steel covers come in due to the fact that they offer superior protection for a wide assortment of guideways in a telescoping fashion. Read on to learn further details.

What Are Guideways?

Guideways are mechanical devices that support the linear movement between machine tool components in order to expedite the materials through all the necessary steps. Guideways come in three main versions, namely sliding, rolling and hydrostatic models. Regardless of the type of guideway that your equipment contains, you should provide it with significant protection in order to avoid flying debris and other issues.

Specifics on TelaGuard Steel Covers

TelaGuard steel covers from HALLTECH are made with the latest in technology and precision using high-grade steel plates. In fact, HALLTECH specialises in stainless steel covers for guideways and dry machining purposes. These covers slide onto the guideways telescopically into each other to ensure a proper fit. They are available in a wide assortment of designs and shapes. Also, they are customisable to suit your specific needs and specifications. The company sends its clients drawings to check and approve before it manufactures the steel covers. Highlights of these covers include:

• FPM (Viton®) wipers
• Dry-working wipers
• Low-noise wipers
• Special roller, damping and sliding systems
• Superior, precision construction with high-grade steel
• Customisable
• Professional way to address the issue of flying debris

How TelaGuard Steel Covers Protect Your Guideways

TelaGuard steel covers telescope into each other for a secure fit on guideways. They prevent oil, coolants, chips, dirt and other elements from flying off during the manufacturing process where they can create a mess, harm the machinery or cause personal injury. As a result, production proceeds on schedule without unnecessary delays to address problems that flying debris can cause.

Five Basic Shapes Are Available from Which to Make Your Selection

With five basic shapes to select from, you will be able to customise one of them to suit your specific requirements. While numbers one, three and five are simplistic designs, numbers two and four are for more complex-shaped guideways. You can view these shapes by clicking here.

Provide significant protection for your guideways soon by purchasing TelaGuard steel covers. Do not wait until problems strike to take this action.

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