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User Benefits of Desoutter Advanced Drilling Units

February 28th, 2019

Many superlatives are layered, one atop the other, when Desoutter Advanced Drilling Units are talked about by industry specialists. This is, after all, a best-in-class pneumatic tool, not some handyman’s companion piece. The ADU range is even used internationally by aircraft manufacturers because the tools deliver a level of reliability that no ordinary drilling gear can match. Still, it’s not enough to just say they’re reliable, is it?

Enhanced Repeatability Functions

Indeed, the term “reliability” is becoming something of an empty buzzword. That’s not a good thing, not in an industry that relies on dependable, pneumatically-actuated drilling. User benefit number one, then, is the fact that this tool range functions predictably at all times. Better yet, that feature has other, more relatable implications. Simply put, reliable tools provide repeatable action, which is an attribute a user can take advantage of when working on a massive project. Again, the aircraft manufacturing sector comes to mind.

Introducing the Seti-Tec Family

The Advanced Drilling Units split into two groups. There’s the ST1200, which weighs 1.5-kilos. The ST2200 is a little heavier, so it comes in at a heftier 4.2-kilos. Both ADU heads generate 2.8 horsepower. They both drill aluminium and titanium, but they’re designed to provide different feed rates. Powering both of the drill heads, a Seti-Tec Line Motor (Turbine) submits 2087-Watts of vibration-dampened pneumatic power. Keep those specs in mind as a pistol-shaped ADU creates high-tolerance drill holes, which are then reamed and countersunk. Essentially, the ST1200 and ST2200 heads partner with the Seti-Tec turbine to form a mechano-pneumatic relationship that repeatably produces depth-controlled (a tolerance of 0.02-mm) apertures, which march along long surfaces as tightly arranged arrays.

User Benefits: An Accessory-Rich Range

This is a modular tool family. On the pistol, air inlets and vibratory drilling options compete with a vacuum system and an on-board lubrication system for space, yet the pistol falls comfortably into the hand of its operator. As the equipment assembles, the turbine/head module connects to a diverse group of accessories. There are collet clamps, offset and angled heads, croc clamps and countless supplementary attachments, which make the job that much easier for a skilled user.

It’s an impressive family of tools, the Desoutter Advanced Drilling Units. They use air power to repeatedly produce high-tolerance, depth-controlled apertures along large sectional work pieces. Seen through a user’s eyes, an ADU is reliable because it’s lightweight and ergonomically designed. Better yet, with all that tech packed inside an easy to wield tool, the equipment doesn’t vibrate. It doesn’t shake the hand of its operator until an accurate drill stroke is impossible to apply. To the contrary, the vibration-dampened drills work steadily as they create accurate arrays of depth-controlled perforations.

For more information, download the Advanced Drilling Units catalogue, visit our Desoutter page or contact us.

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